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The brand new 3D matching game – Match Villa is online! The land is full of buildings that need to renovate. Win levels and collect enough stars to unlock new buildings. Invite your friends to renovate them together!


– Creative matching game

A classic 3D matching game with clear goals to eliminate objects, win levels, and collect stars to renovate your desolate land. The perfect combination of renovation and matching games, all in Match Villa!

– Challenging levels

Each level has a time limit. You need to complete the elimination goals within the limited time. Notice: you will see 3D objects from multiple angles. Please keep your eyes open and look carefully!

– Various of fun activities

You can unlock a variety of activities after completing levels! You can get a star chest after completing enough stars! You can gain a level chest after completing levels! No matter what kind of activity, you will have the chance to obtain game props and coins, which can help you pass the levels and make your game more fun!

– Unusual game features

In addition to the simple operation, full of challenges, and diverse activities, there are perfect guild functions in Match Villa! You can build your own team or join an existing team to play with friends. Come and experience the new game!

Don’t hesitate to download now and explore this creative matching game!

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