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We bring you the most exciting and latest iphone Memoji stickers for android with proper categories. Now you will get different emoji faces with many personalities and moods in this wasticker app. This memoji wasticker app for android covers all skin and hair colors with weekly updates based on your requirements and trends. From face stickers for men to girls face memojis you will find all in this app. Memoji stickers on iphone are now available for android. This emojis for iphone offline app contains real whatsapp stickers of all kind and genres.

Now use the emojis for iphone famous iphone x black girl boy stickers .In boys category it contain black boy stickers similar to that on iphone. For girls the app has free emojis for iphone stickers, blonde girl, red hair,hijab stickers for muslim girls and women. In general category wastickerapps for memoji contains unicorn stickers , memoji with mask and Disney stickers.

Memojis with customization will not be needed because we will cover all type of face memojis from different countries and ethnicities in this mega memoji app. The unique feature of this memoji stickers for whatsapp is the unique categorization based on hair color, skin color and faces, we put 100 of hours in tailoring these categories.

Memoji app has celebrity stickers in the form of memoji. There are more than 10 famous celebrities including Bollywood and Hollywood actors. You can easily add these famous people memoji to your WhatsApp. Celebrity stickers contains stickers of politicians, athletes , <>musicians and actorssuch as Billie Eilish, Barak Obama, emma Watson and many more.

Memojis for Black People & White People

Memoji apple stickers for whatsapp contain emojis with different hair colors. Such as emoji faces with black ,blonde hair. Emoji stickers are also categorized on the hair texture such as girls face stickers with curly hair, straight hair, afro black hair, straight silky hair , female memojis with short hair , stickers with dyed hair. Apple sticker app for android covers all skin tones. Black emojis , white face emojis, dark skinned memojis, afro American emojis , brown face emoji stickers ,Asian face emojis. This ios emojis contain faces for all ages such as young girl memojis, young boys memojis , women memojis , older faces and male emojis all in one app. The moods are also taken into account. Such as laughing face stickers, sad face , excited, angry, strange feeling, happy red face, and many more emotions stickers are available. The app also contains faces with accessories such as glasses, emojis with piercing.

Attach Emotions (Emojis for iphone) to your text with Memoji for whatsapp 2021

The memoji wasticker app contains the following categories in the first version:

Black boy curly hair

Black girl curly hair

Brown Indian girl

White girl blonde straight hair

White boy with cap and glasses

White boy with curly hair

White girl with curly hair

White girl with hijab

White boy with mask on

emojis for iphone free

More categories with each weekly update

How to use

-Download and open this app.


– Open WhatsApp and go to a chat.

– Tap on the Emoji icon.

– You will see a new sticker icon at the bottom and can now use this sticker pack.

The Memoji apple stickers whatsapp offers high end collection of stickers, choose from large sticker packs and add emotion to your whatsapp chit chat . For your suggestions please contact us on our developer email.

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