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“মেধাবীর Supernova” – the one of a kind Educational App for Bangladeshi students that aims to provide world-class educational solutions to students of every nook and corner of Bangladesh with it’s state of art, master classes, study materials, and technology for visualization. With it’s inception, মেধাবীর Supernova is aiming to bring revolutionary changes to the entire education sector scenario of Bangladesh.

The App, offering comprehensive learning programs and modules for the curriculum of classes 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 will facilitate the students with the best possible training and mentoring services that not only help him/her perform better in the examinations but also makes them fall in love with the subject, resulting in the better and actual understanding of the courses and establishing genuine interest for the courses in the students.

In the current Bangladeshi scenario, most of the students fail to properly understand the difficult topics of important subjects mainly due to the lack of proper course design and visualization. Keeping this context in mind, each and every content of the App has been designed in the most articulated manner beautifully explaining and highlighting the topics to the students. Every chapter’s contents and video animations have been intellectually analyzed with real-life examples and proven effective in real scenarios.

This App also contains the following features:

• Topic Wise Animated Video Lessons

• Well Organized Subject-wise Chapter PDF & Summary

• Chapter-wise Exercise & Exam (MCQ, Creative & Written)

• Chapter Wise Daily Progress Record & Analytical Report

• Subject Wise Model test

• All Subjects Question Bank

• Quiz, Award & Analytical Game

• Subject & Chapter Wise Achievement & Certificate

• Every animation contains a few multiple questions so that students can examine themselves

We believe, by using this App, students will see significant improvements in their understanding of subjects like – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Higher Mathematics, and ICT – enabling them to clear their basic concepts and increasing their analytical and cognitive intelligence. It will also help them significantly in their futures’ higher studies and endeavors resulting in a bright career. The App will be the ultimate guideline for the students, who will take on and lead the path of future Bangladesh with their brightest minds!

App’s Main Features:


Access up to date educational materials whenever, wherever!


Find animated learning resources, versatile learning tools, customizable lessons and more!


Train your brain with a wide range of activities such as exams, exercises, model tests and quiz to improve analytical and cognitive skills.


Tests, quizzes will have immediate feedback.


It will improve attention and learning ability.


Keep track of your progress and performance through scores and earn certificates.

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