Get ready for Evo: Crazy Beasts โ€“ the ultimate disaster zone! Giant monsters are rampaging through the city, and it’s time to take action. Choose your beast, smash buildings, and witness your kaiju grow bigger than ever. This isn’t just a safari โ€“ it’s an all-out war! Evolve and show who’s the boss of this town!

๐Ÿ”ฅ Wreck the City and Watch Your Beast Evolve

In Evo Crazy Beasts 3D, chaos reigns supreme. Each building you destroy levels up your monster, transforming it into an epic dragon towering over skyscrapers! Just watch out, ’cause there are opponents out to knock you off the leaderboard. Fight smart, crush the city, and climb the evolutionary ladder!

๐Ÿ’ฅ Switch Between Game Modes

We’ve got two game modes for you: “Classic” and “Destruction.”

Classic pits you against other monsters in a battle for dominance and leaderboard supremacy. Can you be the last monster standing?

In “Destruction” mode, unleash chaos upon the city. Crush buildings, uproot trees, and flatten cars to assert your kaiju’s dominance. It’s a monster race where you grow until you burst the screen, bringing destruction and fun to everyone around! Can you smash all the houses in time?

๐Ÿ‘พ Unlock Cool New Monsters

Explore, progress, and unlock a variety of beasts for maximum efficency! Whether it’s a cute electric cat, a fierce dragon, or a menacing dino โ€“ discover your perfect companion. Everyone can find a friend to fit their own unique way of playing! Take on a role of a fierce kaiju, hungry slime or menacing spider. Make humans tremble as you rampage through the town on your conquest! Unlock new characters, follow their evolution and smash the city with a style!

๐Ÿš€ Level Up for Maximum Mayhem

After each round, earn currency to upgrade your beast. Enhance speed, power, or income bonuses โ€“ construct your strategy for maximum city-crushing impact. Think ahead and strategize! Do you want your beast to be the fastest? Then pump up the speed. Or maybe you want your monster to deal more damage? Then power is your choice. What if you don’t want to choose? Then take the income bonus and buy all the upgrades at once! Use your logic and come up with a strategy for the best way to spend the money you earn.

Train your monster, dive into battle, and leave the town in ruins!

๐ŸŽฎ Game Features:

Grow your beasts into unique forms, from cute baby to adult mutant

Unlock new monsters by dominating the town

Destroy the surroundings and clear the whole area

Avoid getting squashed by bigger opponents

Set high scores in two different game modes

Smash opponents and keep growing bigger and bigger!

Addictive gameplay with simple controls

User-friendly interface with cool minimalistic graphics

Remember, it’s just a game โ€“ so have a blast!

Gear up for monster madness and city chaos in Evo: Crazy Beasts. Upgrade, evolve, and conquer in this epic evolution game! Are you ready to show the world who’s boss?

Download now and let the kaiju mayhem begin! ๐ŸŽฎ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Gather experience, challenge evil forces, and enjoy the casual thrill of dominating the cityscape. With easy controls and addictive gameplay, rise through the ranking as the trainer of the mightiest monsters. Bash through obstacles, conquer every road, and win every challenge that comes your way. Unleash the elemental fury of your monsters and leave a path of destruction in your wake.

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