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VideoProxy is an innovative app that enables private and secure video calls for users around the globe. With its advanced VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology, VideoProxy safeguards the privacy and security of your video communications against unauthorised access.

Key features:

VideoProxy establishes a secure connection between users by encrypting video call data, protecting your conversations from potential surveillance and interception.

By integrating VPN technology, VideoProxy conceals your IP address and reroutes your video call data through a virtual private network, adding an additional layer of privacy and preventing the surveillance or monitoring of your online activities.

VideoProxy enables users to communicate with friends, family, and coworkers from anywhere in the world. It circumvents geographical restrictions, allowing video calls even in areas where certain platforms or services are prohibited.

With a user-friendly interface, VideoProxy simplifies the process of initiating video conversations. In a secure environment, users can easily create or join video conferences, share their displays, and collaborate with multiple participants.

VideoProxy places a premium on user privacy and ensures that no personal information or call logs are retained on its servers. All of your video calls are exclusively peer-to-peer, and all data is transmitted and encrypted securely.

Compatibility and Integration: The app integrates seamlessly with popular video call platforms, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. This compatibility enables users to utilise VideoProxy’s security features while utilising their preferred video conferencing service.

VideoProxy optimises network connections to reduce latency and provide a stable video call experience. The application intelligently chooses the best available server for each user, assuring uninterrupted and reliable communication.

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