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Survivor Base – Zombie Siege is a survival strategy game set in the background of apocalypse. As the leader of a small surviving camp, your responsibility is to manage and lead the survivors. You need collect and use the materials around to build various constructions and items for improving the defense power and the production capabilities of the camp. Besides, you also need send survivors to form teams to explore the ruins, find more resources and companions, and watch out zombies in the mean while. Your final goal is to make the camp stronger and safer until a powerful base is created for everybody.


1. Your camp will run automatically and make revenue, even if you are offline.

2. Many kinds of business challenges, exploration and adventures

3. Flexible and diverse construction of camp facilities

4. Rich materials and resource to be collected and processed

5. Thrilling and exciting zombie battles

6. Building sentry towers, training soldiers, and resisting zombies

7. Exquisite 3D graphics and cool animations

8. Creating important surviving strategies and making management decisions

Lead your exclusive team to live and fight in the difficult and dangerous environments with your unique and extraordinary leadership skills!

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