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KJV Holy Bible serves as an invaluable Bible study tool, offering the ability to engage with daily verses, access daily audio content, and even partake in Bible quiz games. Immerse yourself in the timeless wisdom of the King James Bible.

Key Features:

­čîčDaily Verses:

Commence your day with inspiration, receiving carefully curated daily Bible verses tailored to uplift and motivate you.

­čîčAudio Playback:

Experience the rich narration by skilled professionals as they bring the Bible to life through top-notch audio recordings. Ideal for moments of reflection or convenient on-the-go listening.

­čîčStudy Resources:

Enhance your comprehension with valuable study resources, including cross-references, bookmarks, and keyword search, facilitating easy access to pertinent passages.


Tailor your reading experience by adjusting font size, themes, and highlighting favored verses for quick referencing.

­čîčPrayer Journal:

Maintain a dedicated journal within the app to record your prayers and spiritual experiences. Reflect on your journey of spiritual growth.

Embark on a profound journey with the Daily Bible App: King James Version and cultivate a deeper connection with God through daily study and prayer.

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