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Join Jigsaw It All, where art puzzles are created! In this fun jigsaw puzzle game, all kinds of jigsaw pieces are randomly shuffled, use your wisdom and fingers to drag the pieces of the same shape to swap positions, and merge the scattered pieces into a perfect puzzle!

In the fun game, you can also explore the mysterious treasure chest and find surprises. Play the lucky wheel to get special rewards. There are unique props in the exquisite store to get for free. There are new tasks every day. Successfully pass the level and challenge the achievement task. Earn rewards to give you a sense of accomplishment in your challenges.

* Casual puzzle, immersive experience of fun puzzles

*Unlimited levels with various styles and diverse puzzle themes are waiting for you to play.

*Collect a lot of art pictures, challenge the limit of intelligence, and win more rewards.

*Check in Jigsaw It All every day to create your own puzzle legend!

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