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Your favorite Solitaire game without ads! Tons of features inside!

Congratulations! You’ve just found a beautiful Solitaire without ads! That’s incredible! Why did I make a game without ads? You can find it below…

But firstly, let me make a brief of the cool features inside:

🌙 Night mode – play in the evening with less harmful for your eyes and have a better sleep *

🃏 Smooth cards animations;

❤️ Beautiful particles bursts when you become closer to the win;

🎚 Different difficulty levels – choose yours;

🛍 4 types of customizable content: Cards, Backgrounds, Color Themes and Splashes (Welcome screen);

🎉 Tons of content: around 100 graphic elements to set up the game on your choice;

🌅 Shop includes some FREE images for backgrounds, cards, and splashes right in the beginning;

🎛 A lot of settings to customize the gameplay as you want;

🎨 You can change the entire look of the game by applying different Color themes (coming soon);

👽 Join our Community channel to be in the development loop and check announcements. Also, you can get some Promo-codes there 😉 Find a link in the Game Menu!

So why did I decide to spend a lot of effort and time to make a free game without ads? Because I like to develop games. I’m just 22 years old – a single game developer and I really like what I do. So the biggest pleasure for me is to see your feedback, ratings, and downloads amount. So I hope I did a great job and you’ll like playing 😉

I’d be happy if you share your thoughts about the game improvement with me. Let’s make the game better together! Just use an in-game feedback form. I read all of your messages, so you’ll be heard

* To get more information on how our Night mode improves your sleep and saves your eyes, just search for “Blue light harmful” on the Internet.

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