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Introducing Felon Play – the much-awaited 2D sandbox! This game invites players from all walks of life, whether you’re a connoisseur of stickman ragdoll playgrounds or a ragdoll game enthusiast. But it’s not just about destruction – Felon Play is an exciting arena to construct your own narratives, experiment with a new array of tools and weapons, and put yourself to the test with a wide range of missions and achievements. Get ready for endless hours of captivating gameplay that’s bound to keep you glued to the screen!

Experience the magic of lifelike physics in a uniquely designed 2D world teeming with a rich roster of characters, such as stickman ragdolls, zombies, and more. Engage in exhilarating interactions between these characters and their environments as you toy around with a diversified selection of tools and weapons. From explosive sequences to unusual simulations, Felon Play presents an unlimited spectrum of possibilities for both amusement and chaos.

Embark on an adventure in a variety of environments, like human playgrounds and zombie sandboxes, and watch your creations spring to life in dynamic detail. With an improved ragdoll simulator, you can uncover a plethora of scenarios and revel in the world of dummies like never before. The highly reliable physics engine guarantees authentic and entertaining interactions between characters and objects, leading to uproarious outcomes.

Felon Play is dedicated to all players, whether you’re a devotee of stickman ragdoll playgrounds or ragdoll games. While destruction isn’t the only aspect, there’s plenty of room for building your own scenarios, experimenting with fresh tools and weapons, and challenging yourself with numerous missions and achievements. Prepare for countless hours of engaging gameplay that will keep you hooked!


• Innovative physics engine for authentic interactions between characters and objects

• Broadened character roster, including stickman ragdolls, zombies, and more, to experiment with

• Stunning 2D graphics that offer an equally immersive experience

• Enhanced variety of tools and weapons, such as sandbox destruction tools, to ignite your imagination

• Limitless opportunities for creative and experimental gameplay, from explosive trials to whimsical simulations

• Entertaining gameplay that will keep you coming back for more

• Upgraded ragdoll simulator to explore diverse scenarios and have even more fun with dummies

• Highly reliable physics engine that results in your characters bouncing, flipping, and tumbling hilariously

• Wide-ranging environments, including human playgrounds and zombie sandboxes, to test your creations

• Catering to all preferences, whether you’re into stickman ragdoll playgrounds or ragdoll games, Felon Play ensures an extraordinary experience.

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