Karona Trip info

In need of fast and cheap transport? Come with us!

Karona connects you with the best drivers in town.

With Karona you have in the palm of your hand all the information about the driver who will pick you up and you can even evaluate him at the end of the race.

With our app you can plan your ride in advance, know how much you will pay and even evaluate your experience helping to maintain the quality of our app.

★Easy: Call your driver by just clicking a button 😉

★Insurance: Licensed drivers only.

★Fast: Your driver arrives within minutes

★Know how much you’ll pay! With Karona you get a price estimate before ordering your ride.

★New cars, air conditioning.

★Follow the driver to his address

★24hr drivers in the palm of your hand

★Rate your experience: We have a race rating system

【How to use】

►Wait for the app to find your location with your GPS. Then just indicate the destination where you want to go.

►Choose the desired category. Then the payment method and press Confirm.

►Confirm your location, if necessary, inform your reference point. Then just press confirm again and that’s it.

►Wait for Karona to find a driver near you. Track him on the map and in minutes he will be at the location you requested.

Contact Details:

Email: karonaoficial@gmail.com

Website: www.karonabrasil.com.br

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