It’s been a while since February 3 when we bade farewell. How have you been?❤️

I’m back.

Where was I off to, you once asked me? 🪧

Not to be cliche, but all I can say is: it is a journey without a destination, but those who have each other on their minds will meet again… eventually.

We’ve been through so much together, haven’t we? From “we’re inseparable” to “haven’t seen you in months”, now we’re here again. I guess it’s all worth the wait, isn’t it?

The truth is, I never forgot you, and I never will. Stay here with me, will you?

The time has come. Let’s start over here on Jagat and pick up where we left off on Zenly, shall we? 🌍

👋 Coucou, mes amis.

Share real-time updates with your friends and see what they are up to on JAGAT. What’s more, you can map a new world that’s uniquely yours! Stay connected with close friends through instant messages and video chats, and build your own communities!


See what your friends are up to in real-time! What are their favorite coffee shops? How far are you from the destination and how fast your friends are on the move? It’s all on the JAGAT Map! You can also check their battery percentage and time spent at a place


Map out your own world in JAGAT. Here we help you track all your favorite places, memorable encounters, moreover your genuine daily life. JAGAT detects your stays and personalizes your status automatically according to the location label.


Chill with your friends through in-app message feature and spamming them with emojis! You can easily blast a series of emojis to hype up your conversations. Choose from a wide range of funky emojis to create the perfect sequence that best captures your mood. Whether you want to show off your emoji skills or just add some fun to your chats, Jagat has got you covered.


Check in, snap a photo, and share it with friends using the “NOW”. Unlock other’s photos by posting your own, and start exploring. With NOW, your friends will be able to see your photo update in time on their map with a location pin, giving them a glimpse into your world.

Also, if you are wiping tears about Zenly’s shutdown, try out JAGAT now for the same experience and better! More features are coming up for you to discover! Gather all your friends and join now!

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