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iQ Digicare allows our valued customers to have quick and easy access to manage their iQ accounts from the comfort of their own phones. With a range of new features and a slick design, iQ Digicare has been designed with our customers in mind. No credentials are required to sign in, just a connection to your iQ line. With 24/7 availability and support, self-care has never been so effortless!

iQ Digicare allows you to:

• Keep track of your account information

• Keep up to date with any changes or notifications

• Test your internet speed and status

• View our FAQ for support

• Report any issues with your line

• Recharge your line with ease

• Subscribe to new offers

• Check iQ’s coverage map

• Have access to our Value-Added Services

• Keep up to date with our latest news and developments

• VIP access to all our exclusive offers

Get started by downloading the App today! What are you waiting for?

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