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flick is the name of this app, now!

【features of flick】

AI Prediction, considering for context.

Searchable a million emoticons for feelings.

Theme from your images and videos for the keyboard background.

Easy to input emoji🐷

・AI prediction

When AI conversion is turned on, predictions and conversions can be performed by considering the input sentence. You can enter characters more comfortably than ever, because fewer flick manipulations display the words you want to input. It is also useful for those who are not used to typing characters using flick operations on smartphones.

・Searchable emoticons

Search emoticons with a keyword from feelings and just touch it to use it. This app has many topical news emoticons, so it is always updated.


90 color themes for the keyboard background. Not only images but also videos can be applicable for the keyboard background. Images can be trimmed and shared, videos can be controlled volume and mute.

flick is Japanese input keyboard application with Emoticon Dictionary.

【About AI prediction of flick】

This feature is to predict candidates, considering for context. AI predicts on the IO Inc.’s server in Japan, because this process is so heavy for smartphones. AI predicts candidates on servers in Japan, which are operated by IO Inc. Nobody except AI analyzes the typed text. The used data is treated only in Japan and it is deleted as soon after AI uses.


【How to use flick】

Following steps, after downloading.

1. Touch the flick icon on the home screen.

2. Touch Next on Easy Set Up.

3. Touch Enable and enable flick.

4. Touch Switch and swich to flick.

5. Touch Next and finish setting up.

【How to search emoticons】

1. Type「wa」「ra」「u」.

2. Touch the bear (search) icon on the left side.

※Search with kanji.

1. Type「wa」「ra」「u」.

2. Type the conversion key on the right side.

3. Touch the bear (search) icon on the left side.


【About permissions】

• Modifying or deleting the contents of USB devices or SD cards.

Used to back up SD cards.

・Allows access to the vibrator.

For the vibrations on touching keys.

•Network Communications

For searching emoticons.

※AI Prediction: for communications to predict using AI on servers of IO Inc. in Japan.


【About information displayed during installation】

Permits the collection (flick) to be used with this app.

This is not an indication of this application’s risk. This shows the risk of all keyboard applications. It is displayed when a keyboard application, which wasn’t previously installed, is installed and activated.

In this application, just setting up does not send any text and any private data.

Under the enabled AI prediction, text will be sent to AI of IO Inc, AI running on servers in Japan. Only AI uses the text to predict candidates and deletes the text after the process as soon as possible. These processes runs only in Japan.



■Cannot search emoticons with the error message “Network Error”.

Turn off energy saving or except this app from the energy saving list

■To quickly input the same characters.

Select Flick on flick > Advanced Software Keyboard Settings > Input Style.

■Change the font size of candidates.

Slide the bar of flick > Settings > Font size of condidate words.

■Sent text accidentally.

Some app implements the shortcut to send text. Please turn off on the app.


Open LINE and go to Other > Settings> Talk> Transmit with Enter Key.


The programming behind flick is based on mozc (, an open source software.


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