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Ever fantasized about managing your own hot spring resort? Dive into the immersive world of this captivating and fast-paced time-management game, where the goal is to cultivate a flourishing hot spring haven and showcase your commitment to relaxation. Demonstrate your prowess as a hot spring resort manager, make wise investments in staff and property enhancements, and strive tirelessly to become a relaxation mogul in this compelling and delightful casual simulator.


Ascend to the summit: Embark on the game as a humble caretaker handling tasks like maintaining serene pools, welcoming guests at the entrance, handling payments and gratuities, and ensuring well-stocked relaxation areas. As your financial portfolio grows, upgrade facilities and amenities, and hire additional staff to meet the escalating demand at your hot spring resort. While your guests bask in tranquility, there’s no time for respite for an ambitious relaxation tycoon.

Expand your haven: Explore and expand across various hot spring retreats, each featuring numerous distinctive upgrades to achieve the pinnacle of tranquility. Establish retreats along the coast, amidst breathtaking mountains, and in the serene depths of a forest enclave. Showcase your managerial finesse at each location, earn promotions to acquire larger properties, and continue your journey toward becoming an authentic hot spring tycoon. Each retreat boasts its own unique style and ambiance.

Persevere: In this high-stakes industry, strolling leisurely around your retreat won’t cut it. Enhance your and your staff’s speed to provide prompt services, boosting both guest satisfaction and revenue.

Amenities make the difference: Elevate profits and secure more resources for your engaging simulator by ensuring your hot spring havens offer a myriad of amenities. Start with well-appointed relaxation areas, and with diligence, you’ll unlock opportunities to include vending machines, dining establishments, parking areas, and rejuvenating pools. Guests willingly pay extra for each amenity, enhancing your overall revenue. However, remember that each facility requires staffing, so recruit promptly to avoid discontent among guests waiting for each amenity.

Staffing solutions: Running each facility demands effort—stocking toilet paper in bathrooms, managing access to parking lots, serving customers in restaurants, and maintaining cleanliness at the pool. With numerous tasks at hand, hiring additional staff becomes essential to prevent disgruntled guests waiting in queues.

Elegant upgrades: Enhance the overall guest experience by upgrading accommodations and choosing from a diverse array of room designs at each locale. In this captivating simulator, you’re not just a manager but also an interior designer!


Seeking an original and easy-to-play time-management game that offers endless hours of entertainment? Immerse yourself in the dynamic realm of hot spring hospitality, honing your skills as a manager, investor, and designer.

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