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iRecorder, with ultra-clear image quality, supports regional recording, internal sound recording, and customizable image quality resolution, frame rate, and bit rate to achieve ultra-clear 4K image quality recording. The sound quality supports two-channel stereo sound, custom sampling rate and bit rate, and achieves Hi-Fi recording sound quality.

The software is based on technologies such as ultra-clear, ultra-fast export, no watermark, no time limit, no need for root, internal voice recording, and quick photo album saving. It has no tricks, small package size, and does not occupy memory. It sincerely provides users with an efficient and good solution. Screen recording software used.

iRecorder is simple but not simple, and has all the core technologies to meet the personalized needs of the majority of users. For regional recording, you can select specified content to record. The floating window is fast and convenient to operate, and you can record the screen with one click. The definition mode provides three modes: standard definition, high definition, and ultra high definition. The standard definition mode saves memory size on the basis of being able to see clearly. Ultra-clear mode enables ultra-clear video recording and ultra-clear playback.

The most important and core function is that iRecorder can record the internal sound of the phone without rooting the phone, allowing you to record only the internal sound of the phone when recording course videos without being interfered by external sounds, ensuring high-quality recorded sound. Guaranteed, clear and interference-free.

In addition, we have further developed the automatic saving function when power is off and the advanced video editing function to provide users with high-quality services in a long-term and stable manner.

Service purpose: iRecorder makes tools simpler.

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