🔎 Playing hide and seek with dad – a childhood favorite adapted into a mobile game that is more engaging and awesome than ever.

😈Monsters are lurking around the house. Your task is to avoid and hide from them and collect toys to complete the mission before time runs out. The Grima monster is guarding the Grima warehouse, hiding and picking up Grima cups at the gathering place.


🔸 Play hide and seek with parents and monsters such as Grima, Bam Bam, Green Monster.

🔸 Use the joystick to move and the boxes to hide.


🔸 Fun game to play and relax.

🔸 Many themes are waiting to be unlocked.

🔸 Countless unexpected situations.

🔸 Great rewards for winners.

🔥 Are you ready for this fun hide-and-seek game? Download the Daddy Survival: Hide and Seek game right now.

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