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Are you a hip hop lover? Do you love hip hop dancing but don’t know anything about hip hop? Are you old but still want to practice dancing hip hop to be healthy? Want to practice hip hop dancing to lose weight? This app will help you do all that.

★ Something about Hip hop dance

About Hiphop Dance, this is a dance set and synthesized from many different genres, most importantly from Breaking (Break Dance), Popping and Locking – genres derived from the American community. Black and Latin American in the 1970s.

During more than 30 years, 3 genres: Breaking, Popping, Locking has maintained a pioneering position and is a solid foundation for anyone who wants to study Hiphop Dance or learn about the history of hiphop.

★ Benefits of hip hop dance

Referring to hiphop dancing, people will immediately think of powerful and sharp movements, but equally beautiful, honoring the individual’s personality. In addition, Hip hop dance has many other benefits:

• Increased flexibility

• Better balance

• Increased coordination

• Development of muscle

• Builds self-confidence

• Artistic expression

• Physical Activity

• Improve confidence

• Improve health and physique

Hip hop workout – Dance to Torch calories includes more than 60 dance from basic to advanced to help everyone reach hip hop dance. The exercises are divided into 3 main categories: Breaking (Break Dance), Popping and Locking. Includes popular dance like:

• Hip Hop dance move

• Breakdance freeze

• Breakdance footwork

• Breakdance toprock

• Breakdance uprock

• Robot Hip hop dance ….

★ Hip hop dance plan

Hip hop dance workout for kids

Hip hop dance old school for everyone

Hip hop dance old school for male and female

★ Dance to torch calories & fat burning workouts

The best torch calories & fat burning workouts for better body shape. Burn calories with hip hop dance. 60 Hip hop dance to dance cardio workout for lose weight

★ All Hip hop dance are designed by 3D modeling

All Hip hop dance are designed by professional fitness coach. Workout guide through the exercise, just like having a personal fitness coach in your phone (Hip hop move, Kick step dancing, Bboy move, Bgril move,…)

★ Features

* Plan workout for everyone

* Hip hop dance in 8 weeks

* Hip hop dance to torch calories

* Record training progress automatically

* Workout reminder every day

* All Hip hop dance guide by 3D Video

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