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The Fútbol Emotion APP (former Soloporteros) allows you to have all the football equipment at your fingertips.

Our team of experts analyzes every day everything that the big brands (Adidas, Nike…) prepare in the world of football boots. They do so by writing extensive blogs, full of unpublished photographs developed by Fútbol Emotion.

In addition to our blogs, we record video analyzes of each market launch, testing the boots on the field and carrying out various tests with them so that you can find the football boot that best fits your area.

Also access our community on social networks from the APP, interacting with other football fans like you, and participate in our exclusive mobile promotions, you can be the one who knows the most about football equipment on the market.

Delve into training routines for professionals, learn their secrets, participate in our contests… And of course, you can also use our application to buy, with special offers that you won’t find on our website, and a completely mobile-friendly way to make everything as easy as possible for you.

The application also provides you with ways to contact our experts, and the information to reach each of our stores distributed throughout the national territory.

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