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Russian Classic Car Simulator VAZ 2114! high-speed racing Russian cars and crash tests Lada Priora and Zhiguli. In the extreme driving simulator, a real classic Russian city awaits you in which you will be the driver of a classic four machine! Get unique items for completing extreme stunts and various automobile parking tasks in Car Parking and Driving Simulator.

In this driving simulator you will have the opportunity to test your racing cars on a closed track, test the strength of your fret with the help of a crash test and make a choice whether to buy this car, or better look at other classic Russian cars that will pass the crash test in this opera drive simulators.

Play online in multiplayer mode with a huge open world of Russia, a large number of different cities with realistic graphics and auto driving physics, open new locations, pass various parking missions and opera tasks, in the driving training game you should go through a drive school to get a driver’s license.

Buy your first Lada Priora automobile to drive around the open world online with other players, participate in weekly racing games in Russian classic cars, compete with other players, defeat bosses and participate in crash tests, but do not forget to break traffic rules in order to don’t get into prison simulator and continue to drive a four-wheel racing machine vaz 2114.

Your brand new Grant is waiting for you in the garage, which you can tune by putting a brand new engine on it, improve grip on the asphalt track and set up the suspension with nitro acceleration on your sports cars, after completing the pumping, go to the race track to test the maximum speed and endurance of the car VAZ 2114.

Thank you for choosing our Russian Classic Car Simulator VAZ 2114 – in this game you will find realistic car driving, beautiful view with HD graphics, crash test of such cars as four, Lada Seda, Zhiguli 2109 and Lada 2107 and online open world mode in the game of operas driving simulators.

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