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Lumber Out is a simulation business game where you will start by cutting down your first tree and become a manufacturing tycoon, gradually embarking on your journey to build a factory empire!

­čî▓Start from scratch and build your first factory­čî▓

Hire workers, exploit forest resources, build factories, and earn your first bucket of gold.

Purchase new machines, upgrade equipment, and build efficient assembly lines.

Hire excellent managers to automate production, and make big money even when you’re offline!

­čĆşPerluas wilayah bisnis Anda dengan sumber daya­čĆş

Develop the processing industry, design production lines, and gradually dominate the trading market.

Get investments from the wealthy, receive large orders, and the profits will roll in!

­čĺ░This land still holds many surprises­čĺ░

The lumberjack dug up a treasure chest!

The miner found a gold mine!

What’s the reward for being nominated as an excellent factory?

You can even get extra diamonds by putting gold coins in a piggy bank!

From a small factory to a large processing factory, there are daily discounts to help you realize your grand blueprint of building an industrial empire! Let’s see how you strategize and show your ambitions!

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