flybook(플라이북) info

◆ It’s new way to meet new books. Strike amusing books suitable to me!!

– Have you considered what kind of books to read now? Do not try to find out your books at only best seller sections and check out what kind of books my people including colleague, friends, and celebrities have been reading now!

▶ How to use

Step 1 : Simply Join Flybook SNS with Facebook account or email account

Step 2 : Follow my friends, colleague, and new people to know their reading patterns!

Step 3 : Find out book information of my friends from news feed!!

Step 4 : Start reading books after find out my books suitable to my reading patterns & favorite.

Step 5 : Talk about books which I read on Flybook with my friends.

▶ Main features

– Find my friend’s news from New feeds

– Post my reading books, share(SNS Channel), and comment

– Search books thru book title or author

– Invite/ add friends or recommend friends

– Record books which I read or want to read

– Purchase books(Scheduled to support Amazon online store soon!)

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