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A big fuss happened to cat girl Miho! Catch the monster escapees who committed all kinds of crimes!

The monsters who lived peacefully in the monster village… Suddenly, he goes on a rampage, disrupting the world, leaving the village and wandering around committing atrocities…

[Game Features]

– Miho, the main character in a fusion style with oriental monsters

– When you catch and imprison rampaging monsters, the monsters turn into gentle sheep and become friends

– A mysterious atmosphere of the monster village and a variety of colorful events

– Offline reward system gives you the best results if you do your best to neglect it

– Full of eye-pleasing illustrations! This is the fun of collecting cards!

– High-altitude march with no end, infinite growth system

– It’s really rich. The fun of getting a bounty! Shall we chase it until the end?

– Monster hunting ranking battle with users

▶ Experience the best skills and striking sensations in an idle RPG

▶ Various charismatic bosses that are both cute and scary

▶ Dozens of weapons and armors, and an attractive growth system

▶ Various resource acquisition systems obtained through exploration

▶ Nectarine system -If you look away for a moment and turn around, the tree is full with the fruits

▶ Fishing system – No more difficult fishing! Easy and clean sense

▶ Sticker system – Collect Miho stickers to obtain various rare items

▶ Wanted Monster Bulletin Board – Let’s catch infamous monster and receive a bounty

▶ Catch promoted monster with incredible monster power

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