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James, a young wrestler from a small town wants to fulfill his childhood dream and to become a world wrestling champion. Having some insight into professional wrestling street and ring fight tournaments, he moved to New York to fulfill his life long dream of becoming a world wrestling superstar and joins a club, which exposes him to the challenges of extreme wrestle fighting and unleashes his inner fighting skills. Soon he has to fight against the most powerful and strong ring wrestlers around the world in street fighting games competition.

Imagine yourself as James and get ready to jump into the ring for fight and experience the most thrilling battle in this fighting arena game. Wrestling Superstars Extreme Fighting game is specially designed for extreme boxing, and kick games lovers. Fight against the top wrestlers from all around the world and enjoy ultimate fighter games to unleash your inner fighter. Easy gameplay with smooth controls will drive you insane. Free style players will enjoy this action-packed 3D fight game. Smack Down all wrestlers in this ultimate world of wrestling and become the world champion. Now this is the time to jump in the wrestling ring and unleash your skills. Experience real-life wrestling and take your skills to the next level. In this pro game, you will get a chance to fight against the best professional ring champions around the world. Beat your opponent by performing moves like chokeslam, leg slam and drop kick. It is the most adventurous fighting 3d games to enjoy reality like wrestling fights and experience world free style fighting, ring wrestling 3d animations, thrilling sounds and real fight styles.

So, train yourself to be a professional wrestler and prove your blood as a professional ring wrestling champion. This Wrestling Superstars Extreme Fighting game has different modes and levels. Fight and win each level to earn points and unlock next levels for ultimate championship games. Upgrade your power, speed, and skills with new tactics and unlock new combos and get points against each karate winning match. Earn more points to unlock the next level by watching rewarded videos. Fight different enemies from all around the world. Create and customize your dream wrestlers from multiple options Update your wrestlers strength, to increase your fighting skills and knockout the world wrestling champions. Modes include quick play, ranked mode, revenge mode and ring mode. Unique features like Hard-hitting action, stunning graphics, drama, new game modes, additional match types, and deep creation capabilities make this game the most exciting game. Enjoy fighting with heavyweight wrestlers in the ring in this free ultimate wrestling. Become the universal champion after beating all champions in the world. Think and practice new tactics and skills and train your Superstars to their full potential to beat your enemy in the ring who is skilled in wrestling fighting. Compete against your opponents all over the world in different events and challenges in this ultimate battle. So, remember one thing “Two men, one ring, one winner!”, gear up and get ready to be the world champion.

Key features of Beat Em Up Wrestling Game:

• Professional World wrestlers from top arena matches

• Real Wrestling rules, fighting styles and actions

• Heavyweight world champions to fight against you

• Super and exciting wrestling champions tournament

• Realistic actions and accurate wrestling tactics

• Energetic background sound effects to boost your energy level

• Excellent graphics with smooth gameplay

• 3d animations and realistic gameplay

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