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Have bundles of fun testing yourself and playing the world’s best trivia game; QuizzLand- Trivia Questions & Quiz.

QuizzLand- Trivia Questions & Quiz is an amazing unique free addictive quiz game with fun and challenging trivia questions to test yourself and your general knowledge with.

Create your own unique and amazing trivia questions game; choose your game type – from arcade game, timed game, different categories and more. QuizzLand- Trivia Questions & Quiz brings it all.

QuizzLand- Trivia Questions & Quiz lets you create your own game; select your question type, choose from random questions, multiple choice questions or true/false questions. QuizzLand- Trivia Questions & Quiz also gives you the choice of a new daily challenge game to choose from.

QuizzLand- Trivia Questions & Quiz lets you select different modes to play with; easy mode or normal mode, and then select your game type – classic game or timed game.

With an amazing choice of question categories to choose from, QuizzLand – Ultimate Trivia Questions & Quiz’s category list.

With each new game, QuizzLand- Trivia Questions & Quiz gives you a set number of lives. However, whenever you find yourself stuck, you can get help with the life lines provided – get help with fifty fifty, from a public poll, or get help with a genius answer. But that’s not all and the game is not over yet! When you get an answer wrong, you also get a bonus chance!

QuizzLand- Trivia Questions & Quiz also allows you to share your scorecard with everyone, family and friends on social media.

So why not put yourself to the test, challenge yourself with QuizzLand – Ultimate Trivia Questions & Quiz, and have a go now. The best and unique trivia questions & quiz puzzle game by far!

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