Welcome to Tangled Line 3D: Knot Twisted, a world where your strategic skills get tested in an enthralling puzzle adventure! Get ready to dive into a mesmerizing universe, untangling intricate rope puzzles within a certain number of moves, and freeing the ends of the ropes.

This game is packed with captivating visuals and intuitive mechanics that make you feel like a master untangler. Your mission? To unravel the knots and free the ends of the ropes with calculated and precise moves. Be strategic, plan your moves wisely, and conquer the game level by level.

Each level presents you with a unique tangled rope puzzle that’s like stepping into a maze of knots, loops, and twists. Move the rope in various directions by simply swiping or tapping on the screen. Your challenge? To figure out the smartest moves to untangle the knots and free the trapped ends of the rope. Get ready to flex your brain muscles and embark on this exciting quest!

How to play Tangled Line 3D: Knot Twisted

– Chose the rope carefully to not make more knots

– Tap the rope to move and place it in the right places to unlock all knots

– Sort the ropes in the right order

– Think fast and strategize as you move the ropes to unravel the knots

– Unknots all the ropes and win

Feature in Tangled Line 3D: Knot Twisted:

– Your journey through Tangled Line 3D: Knot Twisted is an art form in itself!

– Enjoy stunning 3D graphics and colorful design

– Challenge yourself with over 100 levels with all the different types of maps and difficulty

– A lot of different rope skins will blow your mind

– Octopus pins, each armed with a unique twist

– And the complex dance of keys and locks

Download the game and prove you have what it takes to conquer the unconquerable knots, one puzzle at a time. Embark on the journey of a lifetime!

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