👷🛠 Immerse yourself in a challenging and addictive world of nuts and bolts with Nuts and Bolts: Screw the Pin, an engaging puzzle game.

The goal is straightforward: to fasten various nuts and bolts strategically to unlock the woody pad. The game boasts a captivating woody theme that sets the backdrop for an immersive experience. While the rules start off straightforward, the challenges progressively rise, requiring strategic thinking and precision. You can also be impressed by the diversity of art levels which make your experience even more intriguing like monsters, Santa Claus, rainbow friends, etc.

With Nuts and Bolts: Screw the Pin, you can also experience an array of mini-games within the same woody theme, offering a much more challenging endeavor for the puzzle master.

🔩 Bolts Sort minigame: where you must skillfully match bolts with their corresponding nuts, honing precision skills.

🔩 Unlock the Pipe minigame: a complex challenge requiring astute problem-solving abilities to unlock the colorful pipes and win the minigame.

And many more minigames waiting for you to unlock!

🕵️Through each level, immerse yourself in this captivating woody environment, mastering the art of fastening nuts and bolts in an array of complex and rewarding puzzles. Woody Nuts and Bolts: Screw the Pin offers a unique and dynamic experience for puzzle enthusiasts seeking an intellectual yet entertaining puzzle adventure centered around nuts, bolts, screws, and fasteners.

⚠️Wait no more and download Nuts and Bolts: Screw the Pin right now!


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