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The application of the Youth Engagement Contract is an application designed as part of the 1 young person, 1 solution program, specifically for young people on the path to employment (with Pôle emploi or a Local Mission).

Two objectives:

1. Facilitate your exchanges with your referent and the follow-up of your course

2. Make you more independent in your search for professional experience

Features related to your support:

– a chat with your referent adviser

– a shared agenda

– a list of actions to be carried out as part of your support

Features to help you in your search for solutions:

– easier access to job offers, work-study programs, or civic service missions

– access to a list of companies ready to welcome you in professional immersion, to discover jobs in the field

– a financial aid simulation module that you can claim

– access to apply for a mentoring program

– a link to a CV creation tool

How to create a user account?

Get in touch with your Pôle emploi or Mission Locale adviser in charge of your course.

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