Exclusive Neo Monsters 2.35 [mega mod]


Name: Neo Monsters
Version: 2.35
Android 13 Support: Yes
Root: No

1.) unlimited capture even the uncapturable
2.) run away and you win with your capture
3.) unlimited capture chances
4.) capture anything anywhere including online
5.) Unlimited team cost
6.) weak enemies
7.) one-click training to max level
8.) speed up to skip all boring parts

1.) uncapturable monsters cannot be used in “online” fights, suggest you to group them in their own team panels. most if not all monsters that you get on “online” fights are uncapturable
2.) Similar to my old mod, I don’t do Ultra evolve, so no need to ask. If your monsters already fully evolved, next training will add max +9, enjoy!
3) some mods have ads to pay-off a small part of electricity bills, your support very much appreciated. wait for the ads to finish, click close button on top right corner. If you’re VIP members using this mod, send me PM and I’ll supply the non-ADS mod for you.

Install Steps:
1.) remember recovery code, uninstall original game (if exists), install modded APK
2.) give all permissions (overlay and storage) to the game if you’re on Android 6+
3.) play
4.) if you have GG or memory editing tools, uninstall them before play mod. they are not compatible. Remove ADBLOCK apps as well, they cause crashes with the mod. if you’re VIP member, just load your AR VIP app and the ads should disappear

Grab your crash log and send to me if game crashing on your device: How-to tutorial videos | Youtube

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PS. if you paid for this mod on any other sites, better claim a refund asap! you can have it for free ;)

Credits To: BTG (EMT)
: Google Playstore

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