Exclusive Bistro Heroes v4.13.0 [always win, instant win, unlimited currencies]


Name: Bistro Heroes
Version: 4.13.0
Root: No

1.) Always win even if you quit
2.) Nuke them all – instant win
3.) Unlimited currencies/free shopping/upgrades

Currencies above should cover all currencies in the game, including gold, gems, woods, whatever furniture or food requirements etc. Whenever you use, it should add to your count. Some shopping is made free instead.

Install Steps:
1.) uninstall existing game, install mod
2.) put OBB if exists in my download folder
3.) give permissions (minimum storage and overlay/popup) for the game
4.) play game

1) uninstall GG or memory editing tools. mod not compatible with them
2) some mods have ads to pay-off a small part of electricity bills, your support very much appreciated. wait for the ads to finish, click close button on top right corner. If you’re VIP members using this mod, you should not see ads whatsoever, just login into VIP app. Remove ADBLOCK or any apps that prevent connection to ads, they cause game to crash.
3) PM me a crash log if mod only shows black or white screen: How-to tutorial videos | Youtube

Credits: BTG
Follow us: https://www.youtube.com/ARoG_YT — https://twitter.com/ARoG_YT — Cette fonction est temporairement bloquée — Join the AndroidRepublic Discord Server!
Playstore: Bistro Heroes – Apps on Google Play

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