Exclusive 7 Billion Zombies – Gold VIP v1.3.100 [MEGA MOD]


Name: 7 Billion Zombies – Gold VIP
Version: 1.3.100
Root: No/Yes (for google; patch with LuckyPatcher with 3 Android options)
Minimum: Android 7

1.) 1 hit KO
2.) god mode
3.) fast speed
4.) 50,000 shards (and other items) drops*
5.) 100,000 diamonds* (changed to 100k)
6.) 12.8 billion gold*

Install Steps:
1.) uninstall existing game, install mod
2.) put OBB if exists in my download folder
3.) give permissions (minimum storage and overlay/popup) for the game
4.) play game

All drops are given when you fight “Super Boss”. Make sure you unlock all heroes to receive the hero pieces (shards) !

Mod should work everywhere, including World Boss – do not try on WB as you get to rank 1 in 1 round, or at least disable damage mod !

Dev bans frequently if you’re detected low level but finished high stages, either spread your progress to all nations, or disable damage mod and just enjoy mutant god mode killing all zombies…

1) uninstall GG or memory editing tools. mod not compatible with them
2) some mods have ads to pay-off a small part of electricity bills, your support very much appreciated. wait for the ads to finish, click close button on top right corner. If you’re VIP members using this mod, you should not see ads whatsoever, just login into VIP app. Make sure ADBLOCK or any apps that block access to ads network are removed as they cause game to crash.
3) PM me a crash log if mod only shows black or white screen: How-to tutorial videos | Youtube
4) you must uninstall original game and install mod fresh. If you need to login with google, then you need root + LP patched, install original PS version, login to Google, install mod on-top, then your account should be linked automatically.
5) original game crashed on A5 when login, you need A7 minimum to run game

Bind to google, only started the game:
1. get emulator/rooted-device preferably with LP + patching to android 3 options
2. install game from playstore
3. login with google and play, make sure you can get into the game
4. install mod apk on-top
5. launch game, you should be auto login

Guest account with progress, now want to bind to google:
1. get emulator/rooted-device preferably with LP + patching to android 3 options
2. go to your /data/data/com.candysoft.SBZombiesRe1, copy out “shared_prefs” folder somewhere
3. uninstall game, now install from PS
4. launch PS version, login as “guest”, make sure game loading and you can quit the game
5. take the copy of your “shared_folders” and put it back to /data/data/com.candysoft.SBZombiesRe1, replacing everything there
6. STILL with your PS version, launch game, click “guest” again, make sure you get inside the game and your old progress showing up (if you see “new account” progress, quit and repeat #4 or #5 !!!)
7. click “settings” inside the game, then click “link to google” or “link to apple”
8. this is where you link your account
9. restart your game, make sure your google/apple is happy now, check that settings to see that you’re still linked, and your progress is all good !!
10. install mod ontop and you should automatically logged into google/apple, continue your progress

Credits: BTG
Follow us: https://www.youtube.com/ARoG_YT — https://twitter.com/ARoG_YT — Cette fonction est temporairement bloquée — Join the AndroidRepublic Discord Server!
Playstore: 7 Billion Zombies – Idle RPG – Apps on Google Play
Original: 7 Billion Zombies – Idle RPG for Android – APK Download

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