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The Numerical Expression Calculator application provides a series of functions from the simplest to the most advanced for arithmetic calculation, being very useful to professionals in the main areas of exact sciences, helping elementary and high school students, even university students.

Numerical Expression Calculator provides all functions that require arithmetic calculation, and can calculate any numeric expression.

Main calculator functions:

Expressions with graphic symbols (parentheses, square brackets and braces):

The calculator can calculate numeric expressions with parentheses, square brackets and braces, making it much easier to calculate expressions

more complex numbers.

Can operate with numbers in scientific notation form

In many areas of mathematics we need to use values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are either very large or very small, so we have scientific notation that can be used in the application, both in the form of a power of base 10, and in standardized scientific notation such as: 10e9 .

It has all the fundamental arithmetic operations:

In any numerical expression we have several arithmetic operations, and our application supports all these operations, such as the simplest arithmetic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, among others such as:

Radiation and potentiation

The tool supports the calculation of root and power involving any exponent, making it possible to calculate any exponential numerical expression.

Factorial and logarithm

The app also supports factorial and logarithm operations, making it easy to calculate functions and expressions that involve these two operations, the calculator supports natural logarithm and other types of logarithm, in addition to being able to perform any factorial calculation.

The calculator also supports the percentage calculation, where you can do anything from discount and product increase calculations, or even calculate numerical expressions with percentage.

Supports more complex arithmetic operations:

The app also supports, in addition to the simplest functions, also more complex functions, which range from areas of mathematics from statistics to areas of trigonometry and combinatorics, thus allowing the user to calculate extremely complex numerical expressions in seconds, as main functions are:

Combination, permutation, factorial, Pythagorean theorem, sine, cosine and tangent…

It has high arithmetic accuracy

The calculator also has high precision to calculate numerical expressions in which a very approximate value is needed, to calculate, for example, decimal numbers, or even numbers that are in scientific notation form.

The application also has a modern layout, designed to facilitate calculation for users who do not have such a great knowledge of calculation tools or even for students or professionals in the exact sciences who have experience in using calculation tools.

With the numeric expressions calculator you can get a 10 on your math test, or even learn to calculate this type of math sentence.

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