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Are you aware that you have the option to replace the keyboard background with a photo of yourself? Indeed. To give your keyboard a fashionable and eye-catching appearance, set your photographs as Ai photo keyboard themes.You can create picture keyboards using photos from the gallery, emoji keyboard themes and personalised keyboard wallpaper with the Photo keyboard tool.

AI Photo Keyboard app, where innovation and personalization converge for a truly remarkable typing adventure. Elevate your keyboard experience with cutting-edge AI technology, creative themes, and intuitive features that redefine how you communicate.

Unleash the power of creativity with AI Photo Keyboard! Personalise your typing experience, express with emojis, and enjoy intuitive features. Download now for a cutting-edge keyboard journey! 🌈✨

πŸ‘‡The Photo Keyboard app’s features πŸ‘‡

β‡’ Customise your photo keyboard with 1000+ categorised 3D picture keyboard themes.

β‡’ Set an infinite number of gallery photographs as keyboard picture themes.

β‡’ Add the newest & most fashionable stickers, GIF and emoji keyboards and 1000+ best stickers.

β‡’ Keyboard Themes provides over 100 gorgeous fonts to customise your photo keyboard.

β‡’ Photo keyboard auto-corrects spelling errors

β‡’ GIF keyboard with emoji stickers, themes, and GIFs for vibrant chats.

β‡’ Utilise voice typing seamlessly on the AI Photo Keyboard app

β‡’ Choose from over 30 global languages for keyboard themes

🎨 Creative Themes for Every Mood:

Express yourself in vivid colours with our AI Photo Keyboard’s extensive collection of creative themes. From breathtaking landscapes to funky patterns, find the perfect backdrop for your conversations.

🌈 Picture Keyboard Themes:

The Photo keyboard app for photos provides vibrant themes for keyboards in multiple categories, including LED, emoticon, cute pet, romantic, festival, keyboard style, and much more.

πŸš€ Powered by AI for Smart Typing:

Experience the next level of typing intelligence with our AI keyboard app. Enjoy predictive text, autocorrect, and smart suggestions tailored to your unique typing style. Effortlessly glide through messages with precision.

πŸ“Έ Photo Backgrounds & Emojis:

Make your Photo keyboard app truly yours by setting personalised photo backgrounds. Showcase your favourite memories with every keystroke. Our extensive emoji library adds the perfect touch of emotion to your messages.

🌐 Global Language Support:

Connect with friends worldwide effortlessly! AI Photo Keyboard supports multiple languages, allowing you to switch seamlessly and communicate in your preferred language.

πŸ–ΌοΈ Fonts, Emojis, GIFs, and Stickers

The photo keyboard app has amazing GIF fonts and a fantastic emoji sticker keyboard with stickers like Blackpink, BTS, and new K-pop.

🎨 Customization with keyboard themes photos

Transform your keyboard themes photos with personal flair using your favourite photos and festive themes. Express yourself uniquely with our customizable ai keyboard app. Add a personal touch to every keystroke.

πŸ’‘ Smart Settings, Smooth Typing:

Customise your keyboard app with smart settings. Adjust keyboard size, layout, sounds, and vibrations to match your preferences. Enjoy a smooth and tailored typing experience.

🎨 Wallpapers

The most popular free wallpapers are available on ai Photo Keyboard App to use as the background on your home screen.

Download AI Photo Keyboard now to unlock a new era of creative communication! Express yourself with personalised themes, emojis, and cutting-edge AI technology. Your keyboard, your style! πŸŒŸπŸ” 

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