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With Easy Gift, you can get access to numerous game codes and E-PINs!

Game PINs, Coupons, In-game Items, Game Codes, e-PINs, Store vouchers, and cash!

To get the products in the store, you need to accumulate Gold or Chips. There are many options for this.

Open the Piggy Bank

You can collect the piggy bank by logging into Easy Gift every day. By collecting the piggy bank, you can earn high amounts of gold! With your gold, you can get many products from the store.

Play the Fortune Wheel

Collect gold by playing the Fortune Wheel and get many game codes from the store with your gold! You can view the codes you have received in the Inventory.

Watch TV

There’s no limit to the fun on Easy Gift! Have fun watching TV and earn high amounts of chips at the same time! Spend your chips as you like in the store.

Open the Magic Chest

The Magic Chest contains high-quality codes and beautiful gifts! Get high-quality games by opening the Magic Chest!

Dig and Win Now

Dozens of game codes are just a few steps away with just a few clicks! If you haven’t dug yet, definitely Dig and Win! High amounts of Gold and Chips are also with you!

Wizard Surveys

Earn high amounts of gold by completing the Wizard’s Surveys. It is possible to get the game codes you want from the store for with your gold!

Get Live Support – 24/7

With the Live Support feature in the application, you can ask for help from our Support Team without hesitation for any problem you may have.

We value our users 🙂

Of course, that’s not enough! Easy Gift continues to evolve and renew day by day. We will continue to improve Easy Gift for you. All you have to do is support us by downloading and sharing our app.

All you have to do now is download the app and earn gold with a variety of tasks! With the gold you earn, you can get many game codes for.

Easy Gift is safe. If you have any problems, you can contact us.

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