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You are the owner of a fashion shop, electronic shops, equipment and materials for furniture…?

Number of fee and profit make you headache?

You want to track quantity of sold products, expenses, inventory, customer …?

There are hundreds of reasons to want to find a management software

Sales Management is a great solution for you, completely free suit most businesses. It suits for small and medium shops/stores.

Why is the Sales Management?

1. Ease to use: Sales Management is designed to be the easiest to use, no need to go through training. You don’t need to know anything about computer but you can use Store Management without issue.

2. Compact: you will get rid of a jumble: CPU, monitor, mouse, keyboard … on your desk. All things you need just a tablet (and printer), your desk will bring a more modern style. Especially Store management can fully connect the printer via wireless (bluetooth – upcomming)

3. Convenience: if you need attach pictures to your products, you will not need to buy a camera or miscellaneous steps to connect the computer to the camera.

Forget about it, Store Management will support these hassle things, simply open the product management features, creating a new product, then you can enjoy taking pictures of the product from camera of your tablet.

Pictures will be attached to each product.

4. Management of complex products: each product you have dozens attached information (eg phone has information of screen size, CPU, RAM … Clothes have color, material. ..)

Sales Management is strong enough to help you configure and attach these information to your products. Store management also support manage product as categories.

5. Effective Customer Management: tracking of assets, purchase history …

6. Cost management: create new cost, cost classification. You can attach a bill on new cost item

7. Report easy to use: you can create dozens of different types of reports with extremely simple operation.

8. Support Online

9. Work as offline (and online – upcomming)

All comments are extremely valuable for us to improve the program further.



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