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Introducing this one of a kind amazing app for the very first time in the era of competition for BDS(UG)/MDS (entrance aspirants)/ PG Dental entrance. You can say learning made handy, few touches here and there you can read solve anything pertaining to any subject in dentistry.


This app is meticulously made and designed by the team of dental folks who are in this field over the years and also ones who have cleared the Entrance Examination with flying colors, along with it they understand the basic problems faced by students.


There are daily updated multiple choice questions with correct answers and apt explanation to the same in the app for all subject pertaining to dentistry.


These multiple choice questions are segregated into subject-wise and year-wise pattern to make users choose his / her interest and learn them with ease.


Along with it there are weekly updated articles on topics concerning the BDS examination with pictorial representation where ever needed giving a clear understanding to the title, great help to BDS(UG) students.


Image Based Questions to get you prepared to the latest trends.


Discuss common things, Share and Gain knowledge.


Once you sign in the app, better it gets, there are daily updates regarding incoming events, as national boards examination(NBE), over all merit lists, college-wise seat distribution, various dates for examination and procedure there after all in one place. This is maintained with users contribution.


On signing in you will get in-app bonus of 100 rupees* in your app-wallet. This allows you to purchase new mock tests.


A section is dedicated to “mock test”. This is the key to success, time bound solving of tests that too online gives you pre-exam prep in this digital world where everything is online.

It will prepare those who are afraid of online exams and you will get used to the terms as mark-review, submit, next system. The App also provides free mock test which are held PAN-GLOBE on particular date with ample time to study for the exam.


Challenge anyone! To make it more interesting there is an option to share the questions with your fellow mates. App can also be shared.


Found a question which you always get the wrong answer or consider important? You can add mcqs and articles to favourites to see them later.


The tests which you bought will be available under subscription column forever and added bonus, after subscription it does not require you to be online. You can take up these tests offline as well.


The application shows definite statistics as in number of questions you take at a time, out of those which are right ones, attempted but unanswered etc. Giving utmost precision and analysis graphically.


The score for a test will be uploaded to give you ranking on the basis of it. The ranks will be displayed on the leader board which will be on the national level . Even when you are not appearing a mock, the routine mcqs shows highscore. You can always compete the highscore which shows your national ranking.


Timely notification is the vital key of this app, where ever you go irrespective of it you would never miss your learning with this app. Never miss out any important exam date or customizable study time.


The app will allow you to challenge the answers and give the explanation to it. Feedback section allows you to not only complain but suggest anything that you wish for. This gives a Community guided approach to allow every one to build the content together error-free.

Download the app to know more.

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