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Transform your phone with iOS Launcher with Status Bar – Smooth and beautiful iOS experience.

iOS Launcher with all features:

• iOS Launcher with Status Bar: add status bar & notch style iOS 17 to your phone. iOS 17 Status Bar change your phone status bar & notch view. The awesome special look only your phone has! Great app when used with iOS Launcher, it will turn your phone completely like an iPhone. Make your status bar (notification bar) beautiful, simple and modern with iOS 17 status bar. Change your android smartphone status bar style to look like an iPhone with iPhone Status Bar.

• iOS Launcher with Control Center: To open Control Center, swipe down from the right edge of screen. Bring control center with iOS 17 Style to your Android phone. Control Center help you save your time in changing Wi-fi settings, brightness, volume, bluetooth and more all from one slide control panel. Personalize your phone to iOS design style easily with a powerful control center! You can have an experience of using a newest and modern iOS phone with your current android phone.

• iOS Launcher with Widgets: To open Widgets, swipe down from the left edge of screen. Say hello to a seamless integration of iOS widgets on your home screen.


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