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Track your travels and and leave your mark on the world with Travel Mapper, the ultimate travel map tracker for globetrotters and nomads 👣. With our trip tracker, you can create a personal travel map and record your adventures around the world with all your favourite places that you’ve been to on a scratch map or pin map.

Key Features for the World Traveler

🌏 Keep track of your travel progress by scratching off the countries visited or adding them to your wish list.

✒️ Mark off states you’ve been to with travel maps of your favorite countries

📍 Pin cities visited on a beautiful and unique flag travel map.

📌 Discover and track places of interest on your bucket list including airports, UNESCO sites, national parks, and more.

📊 Admire detailed statistics for every place travelled.

📕 Visa free travel map for all passports available with our integrated visa checker.

🏁 Collect flags for every city, state, and country that you have visited.

🎉 Every travel map can be shared, so show off where you’ve been.

👍 Free travel tracking without user sign-up or intrusive permissions.

💾 Optional travel data back up to allow syncing between devices.

With Travel Mapper, you can easily keep track of every country, state, region, city, and place of interest you’ve visited, with a easy-to-use interface, you can quickly check off where you’ve been and keep track of your travel goals online or offline ✔️.

🎒 Our lightweight travel planner app includes detailed statistics of your travel history, keeping track of your footprints with every place that you’ve traveled to so you can share your journey with friends and family like a personal travel log 📝.

Full Feature list:

🌏 Visited Countries Map – Mark off the countries you’ve been to on your world scratch map. Personalise your experience by customizing your travel map based on your travel goals whether it is bucket list destinations or countries you want to live in. Keep a travel journal and record your trip with travel dates.

📍 Pin Map of Cities Visited – Collect a flag for all the cities you’ve visited on a virtual pin travel map like the physical one on your wall. Discover quick facts about every place like population, altitude, size, and an embedded wikipedia.

📌 Points of Interest Map – Mark your favorite places to visit on a push pin map. Discover new places and save the places you want to go to, such as the complete list of UNESCO world heritage sites.

✒️ Visited States Map – Track the states you’ve been to with a country scratch map. Check how many US states you’ve been to or the percentage of a country you have visited like in the UK, Canada, Italy, Spain, Germany and France.

📕 Travel Visa Checker – Plan your next trip with a visa map for all the countries of the world on your passport. Check visa information to find out how long you can stay in each place on your bucket list.

🚶 Continent Scratchmap – Plan and track your journey with travel maps of Europe, South America, or Asia. Track countries visited by continent on a detailed travel map of your destination, the perfect trip tracker for long-term travelers with specific travel goals such as a Euro trip or gap year in Latin America.

📊 Detailed Travel Statistics – Track the footprints of your travels with charts of all the places you’ve been in your lifetime. Check out where you’ve been in a continent, country, state, or place and how much of it you have visited or completed.

🏁 Flags of Visited Places – Show off your travel record and explore places you’ve been as a world traveler with your trophy collection of country flags including select detailed state and city flags as well, each representing when and where you have traveled in the world.

So if you have a case of wanderlust and want to keep a travel diary of where you’ve been, download Travel Mapper today and start tracking your journey around the world!

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