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Great, you finally found Woohu! This is a very popular social platform around the world. Millions of people are enjoying video calls here and we really don’t want you to be left behind. If what you’re looking for is a simple but interesting social app, a place you can meet new friends all over the world, why not join us?

Some people will not become friends even if they’ve spending decades being together, but some people know they’ll be friends as soon as they meet each other. Woohu is committed to creating opportunities for more people to meet. By video calls, you will quickly find like-minded people.

We recommend these features:

⚡Quick login⚡

You can skip all the steps of filling out information, enter APP with one click, making it simple to meet friends. You can also fill in your age, occupation and hobbies, and upload your avatar at anytime. A complete profile helps you meet like-minded friends faster.

👸Countless users👸

Woohu has a large number of users from all over the world. Whether they are boys or girls, they are enthusiastic and friendly, hoping to have a romantic and profound friendship with the right person. If you are still worried about the language barrier, Woohu’s real-time translation feature can help you communicate. Don’t hesitate to explore on your homepage and invite them to call!

📲Real time social interaction📲

We believe authenticity is the foundation of friendship. Through a call, you can see each other and communicate in real time, which is not achievable with images and text messages! Calling on Woohu is very safe and private. When there are only you two in the same “room”, your relationship will move forward at incredible speed.

🎈Random video calls🎈

When you don’t know how to choose or are too lazy to find, please try random video calls! Woohu will recommend suitable and available users, you can directly communicate with them. If you don’t like the person, just switch to the next one. Efficient ways to make friends fully adapt to your fast-paced life. We are doing our best to meet your needs.

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Woohu always welcomes you. If you have any questions or suggestions, please send us an email:

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