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Welcome to ‘Koori Run’ – the ultimate endless running experience that blends heart-pounding action with the coolest tunes from Koorosh, the Persian music sensation. Dash through a dynamically crafted winter street, gather sparkling diamonds, and collect the coveted Koori1 Coins.

Dynamic Endless Running: A never-ending snowy urban landscape with engaging obstacles and unique challenges.

Exclusive Soundtrack: Immerse yourself in the game with Koorosh’s signature tracks pulsing in the background.

Collect & Customize: Use your diamonds and Koori1 Coins to unlock exclusive jewelry from WansiGems for your avatar.

Compete & Conquer: Three leaderboards to dominate – Main High Score, Weekly High Score, and Total Diamonds Collected.

Engaging Visuals: A stylish 3D world with vibrant graphics and Koorosh’s iconic brand imagery.

Free to Play: No in-app purchases, just pure fun!

Join the fun and become a street-running legend with ‘Koori Run’. Are you ready to run?

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