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Arkan offers a unique Match-3 gameplay experience that combines the core features of 4x strategy and Match-3 puzzles in a game where heroes gather to fight evil monsters in legendary battles.


Meet historical heroes from different eras and myths in this new 4×4 battle war game and build the strongest kingdom on the map.


When the evil Void Lord destroyed the key of time, wicked monsters invaded our world to destroy it. However, the power of the key broke all barriers of time and space, sending heroes from other worlds and timelines to our universe! You are the only one who can summon these heroes from the key shards to defend your kingdom and save the world. We depend on you! Assemble teams of powerful champions to battle together to defeat the evil lord.


Medusa, Loki, Hercules, Caesar, Athena, Anubis, King Arthur, Hannibal, Napoleon, Captain Hook, and many other heroes from all legends, myths, and tales are waiting for you! Collect them all, upgrade your heroes, customize their abilities and gear, and choose the combination that suits your playing style to win all battles.


Build alliances with friends and compete to gain powerful rewards. Train and deploy your troops to defend your kingdom from rival lords.






Solve puzzles to fight monsters and advance the campaign.

Prepare for legendary battles with cunning strategy and unique tactics.

Summon the greatest champions of all time and use their abilities in match-3 and 4x march battle mode.




Play your favorite character from any tale!

Customize your heroes’ abilities and equip them with legendary weapons to become invincible.

Experience a new adventure with your champions to defend the universe against the Void Lord.




Construct and upgrade 30+ buildings to make your city undefeatable.

Recruit legends, train troops, adapt your tactics, gather resources, and research new technologies.

Defeat powerful monsters and wage war against other players on the vast world map.




Recruit real heroes and combine their unique skills to defeat the enemies and defend your kingdom in match-3 battles.

Assemble your champions and benefit from statistical bonuses to boost your troops in strategic expeditions and fights.




Join alliances and participate in events and PvP activities to get rewarded with items and resources.

Invite and fight with your friends to create and strengthen your alliance.

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