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If you like shopping 🛍, looking for discounts and promotions of supermarkets online, the Auchan mobile app will help you. In the Auchan application you will find various 📲 online stores: grocery stores, clothes and shoes, cosmetics stores, home goods and other online stores in Ukraine for every taste. Online shopping and grocery delivery from the store will now be much easier with the Auchan mobile app.

No more writing a shopping list, storing discount cards and lugging heavy shopping bags around when you go to shop! Choose online stores in the application, use the “”delivery products from the store”” service to order goods at home or pick them up at the Nova Poshta branch or Auchan self-delivery points.

The application feed allows you to get acquainted with the assortment and view the product catalog, the bulletin board will show discounts and promotions of supermarkets, as well as store sales, the map will help you find the right market in your city or online stores, and the basket will help you place an order. You can make a list of products, compare prices for goods, accumulate cashback, and most importantly, go shopping at the grocery store, bookstore, sports goods department without getting up from the couch, and grocery delivery from the store will make shopping even easier! Online shopping Ukraine Auchan is a convenient application for everyone who appreciates their golden time!

✅ Discounts and promotions of supermarkets online.

Get access to promotions, sales and special prices in stores. You no longer need to store discount cards, all promotional codes, promotions and supermarket discounts are now in your smartphone! A large online store in Ukraine will help you with shopping!

✅ Well thought out bonus program.

Rreceive cashback after every purchase. Accumulate bonuses on your discount card and spend them whenever you want. The more you make purchases, the more bonuses you get! Your discount cards are always with you, just open the barcode in the application and show it to the cashier. This is an obvious plus!

✅ Comprehensive help in stores.

Easily find the right product in the supermarket and explore the Ukraine online store. If the item you want does not have a price tag, use the scan function to find out the price and see if the product is on sale. Find the exact location of any scanned item in the store, be it an apple, an ABC, a suitcase, a wallet or sneakers, without having to search the entire hypermarket. And grocery delivery from the store will save you time when online shopping!

✅ Ease of use.

Usually, it takes a lot of time to go to shop and order food, go through the shopping list, take-home groceries, buy clothes, and check discounts, sale offerings, and promotions in supermarkets. Go to shop in the Auchan app, online store in Ukraine, and it will take only a couple of seconds. Product categories and convenient filters will make it easier for you to find the right product to place on your shopping list, especially when one is on sale. And the delivery of products from the store will bring you your purchases.

✅ Convenient application settings.

Customize the online shopping app’s features to your liking. Choose whether you want to receive push notifications in case of a sale and be the first to know about discounts and supermarket promotions when you go to shop. Create your own shopping list. And also stay up to date with the new products of the Auchan app! Convenient online shopping in Ukraine in your smartphone!

In the Auchan online shopping application you will find online stores for every taste.

Auchan UA is always trying to work on the app and fix possible bugs. To help our endeavours, we invite you to download the app, visit our online store and leave a review.

Go to shop on the Auchan shopping app. Make a shopping list, track discounts and promotions of supermarkets, snatch a sale, order goods for home delivery and store your discount cards in the Auchan app!

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