Approved Hall of Fame – Cheating is an art

Thought to have a “bragging” post for your games that you play and cheated and still be the best on doing it ;)

Requirements to post (or reply here):

  1. bragging needs to be a real, active, not-yet-banned in-game image as the proof – game that you play !
  2. anything identifiable will need to be removed (e.g. IGN, or anything specific to you) — either you mask it, or it will be edited/removed
  3. few words on portion that you brag about, e.g. currencies, rank, longest play without ban, whatever
  4. once you come forward and post here, you know the risk – dev or others who play same game will pay a lot more attention to you. see if you can mask or hide your info as best as you can
  5. if you can’t post under your forum name (for whatever reason), ask someone else or me or whoever willing to post for you
  6. If mods are in the form of currency-based and do-able with LP, then they are *not* qualified – practically everyone can do it

Why this post is created? Well, you hide under the radar for so long, this is a good chance to show off that achievements – and along with this post is your brain-dead risks that you take to come out…only if you want to come out, ofc ;)

Warning – DO NOT ever post anything if you don’t understand the possible risks associated with your posting !!

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