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Firstname: Names and Meanings

We all have a name, but how many of us really know its origins and history? Most people have some idea of the meaning of their name or the origin of their name.

We offer the name meaning for over 50,000 different baby names, english name, man name and names and meanings from around the world.

In the our name dictionary “Firstname: Names and Meanings” you can find out the historical information about the name definition: for muslim names and meanings, christian names and their meaning.

In this dictionary you will find the following name meanings:

Polish name: Aleksy, Anastazja, Weronikia and more name definition;

English name: Fabion, Gail, Garth, Guilbert, Heortwiella and others (including baby names);

Korean Name: Bae, Dae-Hyun, Gi, Hee-Young, Hyun-Ae, Kyung-Mi and more (including man names and female names);

Thai Name: Mali, Ratana, Sirikit, Vanida and more;

Spanish Name: Chumo, Esmeralda, Humberto, Josue and more;

Latin Name: Aurelius, Cassius, Gyles and others;

Bible names: Benedict, Evangeline, Isaac and more biblical Names;

Danish Name: Beata, Bjarne, Christiansen, Dania and more;


– more than 50,000 names and meanings, name definition;

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– huge database of Names;

– email any of the terms instantly;

– unlimited Book Marks;

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– application is designed to occupy as much as less memory as possible.

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