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Are you looking for new kitchen furniture and want to find the perfect interior design? Now you can effortlessly select the right plan with this useful application called “My kitchen: 3D Planner”. The app is equally demanded by housewives and professional designers. Now you can become the designer of your own apartment – choose between various modules, take out the unnecessary components and create the ultimate range of helpful features.

The FREE version includes features, such as:

– creating, opening, and saving projects

– adjustment of the content of the kitchen (cabinets, appliances, hoods, windows, doors and other modules)

– saving image

– room configuration, floor and wall color settings

– send drafts of your design projects to your friends, share ideas and receive advice on furniture arrangement

– undo of the action for more convenient work

– selecting of cabinet door and handle model

– import different colours into the app to make a design as similar to real-life as possible

– export DAE (Collada) files

Try PRO version to unlock features to do your best work:

– module editing

Free trial 1 + 3 (1 day after application installation and 3 after subscription purchase

Kitchen design Tutorials For Beginners:

Every housewife knows that a kitchen should be spacious, practical and well-thought through. In order to achieve the best result, all ingredients must be in place: tabletops of the right height, the exact amount of cabinets and shelves. At the same time, it is crucial to maintain the same style of all of the furniture elements.

Download “My Kitchen: 3D Planner”, experiment with your house renovations and enjoy the process together with all of your family members. We continuously update the range of features offered to our users in order to provide you with more capabilities.

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