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In small steps it is:

A digital logbook distinguished by its pedagogical approach: follow the development of the child through the four areas of development (language, motor, cognitive, socio-emotional). The logbook includes:

-The development portrait tool that allows a periodic synthesis of the four areas of child development, a process required by the Quebec Ministry of Family, twice a year.


– Development Reference Grids, as a continuum of birth to 5 years skills, that link observations to developmental benchmarks.

– The Transition to School tool, which promotes school transition and educational continuity: the educator can draw a global portrait of the child, then communicate it to the parents, who will then pass it on to the school teacher . This one

 will be able to put in place the strategies adapted to each child.

With Steps, follow the path of the child through the areas of development (language, motor, cognitive, socio-emotional) and place the observation at the heart of the educational process:

– Record observations that highlight the child’s discoveries and learnings

– Create a portrait of child development using unpublished functions of sorting and analyzing observations

– Improve and personalize each child’s follow-up, taking into account their needs and interests

– Professionalize, optimize communication and develop the bond of trust with parents

– Develop your professional skills by taking a fresh look at your observation practices

– Promote the school transition by completing the portrait of the child before entering school

– Save time and become more efficient

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