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This is simple math. It is based on the parallax method. This method is the most accurate after the laser rangefinder, but has a longer range than the laser range finder. It can be used in different areas: on the golf course, in architecture, design, in geodesy, measure land or distance from wall to wall of your house. The range is from 1 meter (yard) to 10 km (miles) or more.

It is necessary to calibrate once in the normal mode and in the ZOOM mode.

After calibration, it measures a sufficiently accurate distance to the object, if the height or width of the object is known, within the limits of the camera’s view of your device.

– simple interface;

– there is a ZOOM mode;

– the object can be placed in any part of the screen, not necessarily in the center;

– Ability to calibrate for any smartphone or tablet;

It is recommended that you read the instructions before use (in the menu)

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