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Master becoming a doctor in ‘My Happy Hospital,’ the perfect idle tycoon game to build your medical empire and go crazy with hospital theme management game!”

Ever imagined running a hospital where the ordinary is extraordinary, and the cures are as whacky as the diseases? Dive into a world where healthcare meets hilarious in this addictive and uniquely funny casual simulation game. As the chief doctor of the most unconventional hospital around, you’re tasked with curing patients of their bizarre ailments using the most unconventional methods imaginable.


From patients aflame with “Flame Fever” to those vomiting rainbows, your job is to cure them all! Use foam blasters, rainbow-sucking machines, and more to treat your patients. Each cure rewards you with coins to expand your medical empire.


Start with a single treatment room and expand to multiple hospitals, each with its own unique challenges. Upgrade rooms, customize their looks, and hire staff to assist in your healing endeavors. Your journey from a modest clinic to a sprawling hospital awaits.


Earn coins for every cure, allowing you to buy more treatment rooms or hire more quirky staff. Upgrade your hospital’s stats, like speed and carry capacity, to handle the increasing flow of patients with even stranger diseases.


Enjoy a visually pleasing experience with simplistic stick figures, a cartoonish environment, and a vibrant color palette. The game’s aesthetics are designed to be as fun and lighthearted as the gameplay itself.


– 🚑 Tackle a variety of funny and unusual diseases with creative cures.

– 📈 Expand and upgrade multiple hospitals, each with unique challenges.

– 🛠 Customize your hospital’s appearance and upgrade treatment rooms.

– 🏃‍♂️ Boost your stats to increase treatment efficiency and hospital capacity.

– 🌈 Enjoy a simple, cartoony art style with a cheerful color palette.

– 🎮 Experience addictive, casual gameplay that keeps you entertained for hours.


Ready to cure the uncure-able in the most entertaining way possible? Download My Happy Hospital now and start your journey as the most unconventional doctor the world has ever seen!

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