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The miracle girl endorses the most exciting and powerful miracle!

The miraculous golden egg beautiful girl [Akari Tsumugi] and the charming demon dragon girl [Shenmu Rei] will give you a “temptation” gift for multiple reservations!

◆Be the first to win a luxury seven-day tour of Shibuya, Japan!

◆Easy to get the title of [The Most Valiant Warrior] and the limited edition Demon Dragon Girl costume!

◆Break 1 billion Miracle Coins by smashing golden eggs, and get millions of physical gifts!

【Golden Egg exploded in all servers】

Original golden egg gameplay. Can you summon the dragon by collecting 7 golden eggs?

Start an exciting new experience now, slay the golden dragon with your hands, and fill your backpack with blessing gems and outstanding divine equipment!

【Unlimited high benefits】

2,000 attribute points will be given as soon as the server is launched, and for a limited time, 3 times the experience catch-up buff will accelerate growth!

There are also millions of diamond gift bags and top-notch archangel suits waiting for you to win!

【Easy to pick up the magic outfit】

Exclusive map, 300% explosion rate bonus helps upgrade excellent equipment, easily strengthens +13, and the combat power soars!

High-speed AFK, intelligent AI helps you complete repetitive monster-spawning tasks, and receive high-value experience and rare props with one click!

【Classic revisited】

100% transplanted Miracle MU PC game content, classic continuation, image quality innovation! Familiar Continent of Braves, Blood Castle, Devil’s Square, etc.

Scenes are upgraded and reproduced one by one, the operation experience is smoother, and a more interesting world of miracles is waiting for you to explore freely!

【Hot-blooded siege battle】

In the peak battle, who can become the strongest Roland City Lord?

Call your allies and brothers, work together to conquer Roland Canyon, win the crown, and become famous in one battle!

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